Evo Morales challenges Generals and threatens to start a new war in defense of Lula and Dilma.

Photo: Freddy Zarco / ABI
Photo: Freddy Zarco / ABI

The Bolivian President, Evo Morales, celebrated today 115 years of the creation of the Military School of Sergeants, Maximiliano Paredes, located in Tarata, Cochabamba.

“Any military of any position and any disciplinary degree, is very important, because without discipline there would not be armed forces and the armed forces if there was no love of country,” Morales said in appeal calling for greater discipline to the candidates of the School.

Morales recalled the last hit applied by Colonel Hugo Banzer Suarez on August 21, 1971 that overthrew the government of Juan Jose Torres in Bolivia. He said the strokes were used by the empire through civil and military Bolivian in an attempt to stop the progress of the country.


In a threatening alert tone, pointed out that he’ll defend the government of Dilma Rousseff, Lula and the Workers Party for Democracy. “We will not allow coups in Brazil and in South America or Latin America, we will defend democracy and personally in the process, we will defend Rousseff, President of Brazil and the Workers’ Party,” said Bolivian President Evo Morales.

Morales also said it is past when the world was dominated by oligarchies and there must be respect for the independence of each nation. “I had the right to conspire oligarchies, monarchies and some hierarchies were entitled to humiliate the people of the world, but we are not in oligarchies times, hierarchies or monarchies,” said Evo Morales.